Cremation Vaults

A Wide Range of Cremation Vaults Are Available

Introducing The Wyoming Eternal Urn Vaults

The sense of permanence and safeguarding for urns is greatly enhanced with dedicated cremation vaults. Wyoming Headstones offers customizable vaults accommodating a wide range of urn shapes and sizes. We proudly present our Wyoming Eternal Urn Vaults, constructed from the finest vault materials available. Their popularity is evident, as numerous cemeteries throughout Wyoming, including Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Gillette, Rock Springs, and other communities, trust these vaults for their unmatched durability and superior protection. These vaults come in an array of sizes, catering to both interior and exterior dimensions.

Enhanced Duability and Serenity

The key to the exceptional performance of these vaults lies in their polymer construction, providing a lightweight yet robust protection for urns. Wyoming Headstones values the importance of personal preference, ensuring options are available to honor each individual’s memory uniquely. Among the most sought-after choices are the double urn vaults, designed to accommodate two standard-sized urns side by side. This option offers a dignified manner to commemorate the lives of couples or close companions. We invite you to contact us to discover the full range of cremation vault options we provide.